History of Frescoes

The fresco is also called "the eternal painting" because, being executed on plaster still fresh, the color is fixed naturally with the lime contained in the plaster and remains indelible for an unlimited time. The plaster, which must remain moist as long as you work on it, is applied little by little, in the quantity that the painter thinks he can paint in one day. the fresco requires a perfect command of the technique and the ability to paint with great speed and confidence because, unlike other painting techniques, does not admit hesitation or corrections.As the fresco dries, a hard, crystalline film forms that permanently fixes the mineral and natural pigments of which the decoration is made, acquiring, and at the same time giving, transparencies and unique brilliance. Fresco is a very ancient technique: already used in Egypt, Greece and Rome, but with Giotto in Italy it acquires the universally recognised historical-artistic importance. During the Renaissance, the fresco became very popular and there are many frescoes visible in Italy: one of the most famous is the Sistine Chapel in Rome, then others in Florence, Verona, Venice, Urbino, Milan, Pompeii, Palermo, Asolo, Padua, in the Venetian villas, in Maser, Treviso. Every great famous or anonymous artist has painted frescoes.

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Online sale frescos   Online sale frescos